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Our rich experience of being in research not only comes from main segments, but niche markets as well.
B2C research studies, being very dynamic in nature, demand highest levels of skills to manage them. MiG boasts of
  Large scale projects (6,000+ interviews)
  Fast turnaround projects (2 to 3 days)
  In depth studies

Our interviewing techniques include, depending on the need, the personal, telephone, on-line, mall / street intercept, depths and focus group methodologies. We also recruit consumers for groups and central location tests.

Business population audience is not easy to interview, as the general feeling goes. This is easily overcome by the tactics followed by us :
Experienced and intelligent interviewers, credible at speaking to  business people
Comprehensive briefing to guarantee clarity on the issues to be covered in the interviews
  Intelligent and logical questioning
  Professional but determined approach
  Friendly manner

Our team of experienced interviewers come from various cultures and languages, thereby nullifying any barrier to communication and understanding.

We think, the secret to successful B2B research is being well prepared and credible.


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