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Creating market segments is very simple. Finding the one most lucrative, is the hardest part of the process. Today's market place is so dynamic that the old rules and norms don't deliver. To ensure proper and adequate segmentation, we undertake this -
  Drill-down the data to arrive at significantly meaningful segments
  Analyzing without any bias or assumptions
  Segments which are scalable and predictive

Brand research is fast developing into a full stream - and it is one of our core strength areas.
Our brand research encompasses full range of issues - equity, positioning, tracking and communication. Our research results in taking decision on
  Brand names positioning
  Understanding perceptions of a brand
  Tracking a brand performance at a given frequency
  Monitoring the effect of communications

Evaluating communication effectiveness is where our expertise lies in. Communication, whether it is corporate or brand. Our experienced team of research executives is comfortable with
  Tracking advertising awareness and effectiveness
  Evaluate marketing communications executions
Assess the effectiveness of advertising at a range of measures using pre- and post-  campaign research
Monitor awareness of other marketing activities, and establish the best ways of communicating with a particular audience
  Understand perceptions of their target audiences

Who is your customer? How much does she spend? How many times does she go out on shopping? Who is the final decision maker on the brand? These are some of seemingly simple but complicated issues are handled by MiG team. Our value added insights help our clients
To assess the ever changing needs of the customers (buyer, influencer, decision maker, financer and initiator)
  To assess customer satisfaction - the main dissatisfies and satisfiers
  To identify strengths, weaknesses and threats
  To assess the levels of brand loyalty

Concept testing
Markets are witness to higher number of product failures than those which were successful. Concept testing is one such research exercise that tries to reduce the probability of a potential failure. We take pride in advising our clients for a 'no go' decision if the concept tests say so.
The output from the concept tests carried by us throw light on
  Key success (or failure) drivers
  Fine tuning new product features
  Expected value delivery as perceived by the potential customers
  Market size estimation

A separate panel of consultants at MiG undertake the ESS - employee satisfaction surveys. These consultants possess rich experience in the field of HR and have successfully showcased their expertise on various types of employee surveys. The ESS range of research handles the following -

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