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No two marketing problems are the same, and no two research methodologies will be the same either. Similarly We feel market research is an investment and not expense. And we strive hard to ensure delivery of superior return.

Our clients tell us they value our insight. Our size is very helpful - large enough for any quantum and small enough to be flexible and responsive. Dealing with senior staff throughout the project life is something highly appreciated by them.

Quantitative Research
Quantitative research is a numbers game - some call it number crunching. The output is mostly sums, percentages, means, standard deviations, and other such (intimidating at times) statistical measures. Surveys are a part of quantitative studies. Quantitative studies do not try to throw light on micro issues, but used for taking macro decisions - should we expand through franchise or retail network? Should we launch the product across the country or select pockets?

Qualitative Research
If quantitative research is all about numbers (mind), its partner, the qualitative research deals with the heart. The emotions, heart-felt feelings, deep-lying attitudes are the part of qualitative studies. Such studies are more of micro than macro in nature. Issues like new advertisement, expected features form a new product are better suited to qualitative type of research.


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