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Why Employee Satisfaction Survey?

If you have employees and you do not know how these employees feel either about their jobs or their work environment, you need to conduct employee satisfaction surveys from time to time. The exigency of employee surveys depends entirely on certain factors. These employee surveys need to be done when some of the following situations arise:
You hear a lot of rumors regarding various issues that might later lead to communication gaps, lack of trust or fear. The employee satisfaction surveys help to reveal the degree to which such issues exist.
There are lots of changes that happen in the organization. Be it change in management or employee pay and benefits, challenges of change are always difficult to swallow. This can lead to inefficiency and loss to the organization. Employee surveys can help you to strike at the apprehensions people have regarding the changes.
 People tend to get confused when the organization growth is at a very fast pace. Employee satisfaction surveys furnish the right information regarding their insecurities and other feelings regarding their future in the organization.
 Employee turnover is another area where employee surveys help you to understand the dissatisfaction and gives you a clue to the retention procedures. Employee satisfaction surveys shall definitely help you to educe employee turnover.
If your organization belongs to a highly competitive industry, managing attrition rate at the same time managing productivity and resourcefulness makes you successful. But the keys to this come from the employee surveys to understand their satisfaction levels.

Momentarily it may seem an intimidating process but is actually not. It does not affect the routines of the organization if an outside agency like us does it. It is done without disturbing the organizations productivity or efficiency. And of course, using our assistance will result in a very unbiased kind of employee surveys as we actually do not belong to the organization and hence do not have personal preferences or indifferences.

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