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MIG is a full-service survey research and analytics company. MIG will act as your partner to develop strategies and implement solutions. Data analysis is essential to businesses is an understatement. Companies cannot survive without analyzing available data. Data analysis can offer the following benefits:

  • Structuring the findings from survey research or other means of data collection.
  • Break a macro picture into a micro one.
  • Acquiring meaningful insights from the dataset.
  • Basing critical decisions from the findings.
  • Ruling out human bias through proper statistical treatment.
  • MIG does everything: think, create, and analyze, so you don’t have to.
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About Us

MIG strives to provide actionable information for decision-making. We believe that industry knowledge and technical expertise lead to quality-added delivery.

Our approach is simple. Our experienced professionals utilize the most advanced techniques to provide the best possible business intelligence for competitive advantage.

Our Survey Research Consultants will expertly execute the correct method to ask questions to ensure you get the best possible data and the answers you need. This will help you make critical decisions.


Our rich experience of being in the research industry not only comes from main segments but niche markets as well.

B2C research studies are very dynamic in nature. They demand the highest levels of skills to manage them. MIG boast of

Large-scale projects
(6,000+ interviews)

2 to 3 days

Fast turnaround projects

In-depth studies

Our interviewing techniques depend on the need but typically include telephone, online, mail, street intercept, depths, and focus group methodologies. At MIG, we also recruit consumers for groups and central location tests.



The business population audience is not very easy to interview. This problem is easily overcome by the tactics we follow at MIG:

  • Experienced and intelligent interviewers, credible at speaking to business people.
  • Comprehensive briefing to guarantee clarity on the issues covered in the interviews.
  • Intelligent and logical questioning
  • Professional, but determines the approach
  • Friendly manner

Our team of experienced interviewers comes from various cultures and languages. This nullifies any language barrier that could make communicating and understanding our clients hard.

We at MIG believe that the secret to successful B2B research is being well prepared and credible.



Creating market segments is very simple. The hardest part of the process is finding the one most lucrative. Today’s marketplace is so dynamic that the old rules don’t deliver. To ensure proper and adequate segmentation, we undertake this –


Brand research is developing fast into a full stream. This is one of our core strength areas. At MIG, our brans research encompasses a full range of issues – equity, positioning, tracking, and communication. Our research results in making decisions on-


Evaluating the effectiveness of communication is where our expertise lies. Communication, whether it is corporate or a brand. Our experienced professionals are comfortable with
Know aboout our Services


Marketing problems and research methodologies are like snowflakes; each is unique. Market research is an investment, not just an expense. We strive to deliver a superior return.

Quantitative research is similar to a number game. Some may call it number crunching. The output comprises mostly sums, percentages, means, standard deviations, and other statistical measures. This can be not very comforting at times. Quantitative studies are used for macro decisions instead of focusing on micro-ones. For example: Should we expand through franchise or retail network? Should we launch the product across the nation or in particular places?

Qualitative research deals with the heart. Qualitative research is heartfelt feelings and deep-lying attitudes. Qualitative tends to be more about micro than macro in nature. Micro issues such as new advertisements and expected features in a new product tend to be associated more with qualitative research.

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