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Creating market segments is very simple. The hardest part of the process is finding the one most lucrative. Today’s marketplace is so dynamic that the old rules don’t deliver. To ensure proper and adequate segmentation, we undertake this –
• We drill down the data to arrive at significantly meaningful segments.
• Analyzing without any bias.
• Segments that are scalable and predictive.

Brand research is developing fast into a full stream. This is one of our core strength areas. At MIG, our brans research encompasses a full range of issues – equity, positioning, tracking, and communication. Our research results in making decisions on
• Positioning of brand names
• Understanding perceptions of a brand
• Tracking a brand’s performance at a given frequency
• Monitoring the effect of communications

Evaluating the effectiveness of communication is where our expertise lies. Communication, whether it is corporate or a brand. Our experienced professionals are comfortable with
• Tracking advertising awareness and effectiveness
• Evaluating the marketing communication executions
• Assessing the effectiveness of advertising at a range of measures using pre and post-

• Monitoring the awareness of other marketing activities
• Establishing the best ways of communicating with a particular audience
• Understanding the perceptions of their target audiences.

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Marketing problems and research methodologies are like snowflakes; each is unique. Market research is an investment, not just an expense. We strive to deliver a superior return.

Quantitative research is similar to a number game. Some may call it number crunching. The output comprises mostly sums, percentages, means, standard deviations, and other statistical measures. This can be not very comforting at times. Quantitative studies are used for macro decisions instead of focusing on micro-ones. For example: Should we expand through franchise or retail network? Should we launch the product across the nation or in particular places?

Qualitative research deals with the heart. Qualitative research is heartfelt feelings and deep-lying attitudes. Qualitative tends to be more about micro than macro in nature. Micro issues such as new advertisements and expected features in a new product tend to be associated more with qualitative research.

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