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Who is your customer? How much do they spend? How many times do they go out shopping? Who is the final decision maker on the brand? These are some of the seemingly simple but quite complicated issues that are handled by the MIG team. Our value-added insights help our clients To assess the ever-changing needs […]

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Concept testing

Markets are witnesses to a higher number of product failures than those that were successful. Concept testing is a research exercise that tries to reduce the probability of a potential loss. We take pride in advising our clients on a ‘no go’ decision if the concept tests say so. The output from the concept tests […]

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A separate panel of consultants at MIF undertake the ESS – employee satisfaction surveys. These consultants possess rich experience in the field of HR and have successfully showcased their expertise on various types of employee surveys. The ESS range of research handles the following – Satisfaction Attitude Testing Profiling

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Quantitative Research

Quantitative research is similar to a number game. Some may call it number crunching. The output comprises mostly sums, percentages, means, standard deviations, and other statistical measures. This can be not very comforting at times. Quantitative studies are used for macro decisions instead of focusing on micro-ones. For example: Should we expand through franchise or […]

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Qualitative Research

Qualitative research deals with the heart. Qualitative research is heartfelt feelings and deep-lying attitudes. Qualitative tends to be more about micro than macro in nature. Micro issues such as new advertisements and expected features in a new product tend to be associated more with qualitative research.

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